The Robot “Betfair’s Trading Copier” offers a trading strategy and / or serves to automate the choices in your reference markets; it can be used to provide both manual trading signals and fully automated trading solutions. The software uses a technical indicator to generate signals: the basic negotiation on a series of trading rules that are pre-activated within the interface.


The signals can be generated automatically (eg from a betfair account of our reference Tipster) and sent to the end user’s computer (with various modes). This selection, once received, can be the input to start (through the interface software to the “replica” of the exact same operation of the master account! From the beginning the first thing that strikes you is that the software is incredibly easy to use. All key settings are to be configured within a single window. Everything works with simple boxes, there are no complications dictated by graphical configurations or indicators to be configured (such as happens in financial robots: forex, binary options etc.)

Configuring the system is a breeze. You select the market, in this case racing horse; you enable the automatic reception of “messages” from the master account (“update time” 5 seconds) and enable the “system” of reference (trigger “lay selections”) that you want to follow and which contains all the necessary information (es the start time and the amount you want to enter on each trade). The setting of the Trading System obviously also defines the rules for managing the money used. You can trade with fixed stakes, or daily change your money management (with the strategy of Martingale, Fibonacci, Masaniello etc.).
Our Robot has been reviewed and eviscerated “accurately”; clearly we want to remember that operating in the Racing Horse market is a highly speculative activity and carries a potential risk of loss.
All of us traders are always on the hunt for new trading signals, tips and anything else to make our investments quick and safe.

With “Betfair’s Trading Copier” the opportunities are many! Easy to use and conception, makes online trading accessible to all, including beginners. Run the trades for us, following the trading signals and guiding us in their reading, by connecting to our exchange account !! To be able to talk about it with the enthusiasm, I tried the “Betfair’s Trading Copier” Robot for you. Strength of this software is the new sophisticated algorithm that allows you to capture the most promising trading reports (of course I speak of the Ippopronos service and its overwhelming reliability !!). To complete the “Betfair’s Trading Copier” service, a daily newsletter will provide you with all the reports of the activities carried out by the program (including the selection of our expert). How a Robot can help you A Bot usually serves the user by doing the task that is normally performed by the person. Using a robot for horse races selections increases the amount of potential income you can earn from trading, because online trading with a Robot allows you to negotiate in multiple races simultaneously. Even if you can never replace a human being, the parameters you use to work can be changed so that it approaches your style, replacing you completely as if you were to interact with the market and not the software.

It also frees you from being in front of the computer allowing you to OPERATE ALSO IN YOUR ABSENCE and allowing you to focus on even more. We are dealing with A NEW ABSOLUTE, (never before had there been talk of Trading Copier in a betting exchange !!) Instead, it is already used abundantly in the financial sector (Forex, Binary Options, etc.). The trial period of our service has certified in this month the reliability of the selections sent by our expert now with “Betfair’s Trading Copier” you will have your personal assistant, a help to your trades, or even an employee at the service of your success